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Best 5 Big file sharing website.

Current technology in the world of file-sharing is a major job too. File sharing over the Internet is a common task. Most of the internet user need to file sharing with each other. The Email attachment is a most common method to file sharing. Every day we transfer many documents, Photo, folder etc. with Email but that’s file size are too small. We can send up to 25 MB file with the email. But there is some website through which we can share a lot of the large size of the files are free and safe. In this post, I’ll introduce you best 5 websites to sharing big file.

 1. We Transfer

We Transfer is one of the most popular websites for file sharing. Through this website, you can send files up to 2GB file in online. If you need to transfer files, go to the first wetransfer.com upload file, then write the E-mail address to which you want to send the file, you can write  up to 20 E-mail address for send files.  You can write a short message. After complete file upload then presses transfer button then the download link will be sent  to receiver.

 2. Mail Big File

Through this website, you can also send files up to 2GB file in online. This site no need sign up for sending files. But have some limitation. Mail Big File store our files 10 days and maximum 20 times download limits. After that, the download link will not work.

3. High Tail

At first, you need to sign up on High Tail to use their free file transfer service. You can also send up to 2 GB file with this site. High Tail specialty is, you can send your file also Google Drive, One Drive, and DropBox too.

4. TransferBigFiles

It does not work according to its name because you can’t send upper than 100 MB file with this site. But you can send files without sign up. Download links will work 5 days.

5. Drop Send

Drop Send is best free file transferring site ever I seen. You can send up to 4 GB file with this site. You can send files to only one person. The download links will work up to 10 times.